Sunday, April 25, 2010

Like Hooters, but worse.


Yesterday we headed up to Chicago to start our journey down the Mother Road. I read to Andre from the various guidebooks... until the point where we were getting to the toll road into Chicago. Andre says, "I am getting hungry, are you hungry?" I wasn't, really, but we stopped on the busiest road I have seen in a long long time.

"What sounds good?"
"I don't know." We drove around and stopped at a place called "Tilted Kilt"... an Irish pub. Sounds good right?

We walk in and the hostess is in a short mini kilt, white knee socks, a plaid bra and a tiny shirt over the bra, but still revealing most of her breasts. "Whattt???" I think. As we are seated and I am hoping this is just a fluke, I notice that every waitress is wearing the same get-up. It was like Hooters, but worse. These girls were wearing MAYBE 50% clothes, but more than likely, 35%. It was weird.

Was the food good? It was ok.

Anyway, after that, the GPS lead us off the highway into the Gary, Indiana. Another great experience. What a sad sad place.

Finally got to Chicago - had to wait for our room to be ready - and then we walked about down Michigan Avenue. Had a greattttt dinner at a place called Petterino's. Andre loved it - I mean LOVED it! My dinner was ok. My dessert was wonderful.

We're off to eat again at Lou Mitchell's soon! (



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