Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday was rainy

Yesterday was fun. Minus the rain and the wind. It was about 55 degrees yesterday. Brrrr. We started the journey off in Chicago with drizzle. By the time we hit Elwood, pouring, gushing rain. It sucked. As I am sure you can imagine.

The rain eventually subsided but it was a grey icky day. But we saw the Gemini Giant and his conehead, and we say other Route 66 establishments like Funk's Grove, where we bought some maple syrup. We marveled (when I say 'we' I mean 'Andre) at an old grader... I have a picture.

The great, and sad, thing about Route 66 is how the old road is right next to the new road. We were driving on 66, but right next to us was the old alignment of 66 - you could see it RIGHT THERE. Maybe it was a North-South lane, though Andre disagrees. And then, right next to the old 66 is the highway, I-55. It's weird. I guess Route 66's route wasn't so bad after all and they decided to put I-55 right next to it. It's a shame they had to bypass so many towns to do so.

We saw some neat things yesterday, but didn't get too many pictures because of the rain. Dad, tried to get a photo of Statesville in Joliet but no luck. Stopped in Springfield, saw Lincoln's tomb.

Stopped just south of Edwardsville for the night at a Hampton. We met our 300 mile quota for the day. We are about 15 minutes from Saint Louis. I'm going to see if I can convince Andre that we should go up in the Arch. I might have some luck since I did get dragged to Lincoln's tomb... :)

Hoping for better weather today, but the forecast still says overcast. Darn.


Blogger Eva said...


Your trip sounds like a lot of fun! But next time I read your blog, I will have to make sure to do this once I have eaten as teh food sounds amazing! Lincoln's tomb must have been exciting to see. I hope you made it to the top of the Arch. The last time I was there I was about 12. Have fun!

April 26, 2010 at 2:05 PM  

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