Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whales and whatnot

We stayed the night in Oklahoma City last night. We had a good day yesterday.

We escaped Joplin. Andre asked if I would want to live in a town like Joplin, with its cute little downtown, but not much else, and I said that I didn't know. We passed the population sign and it said something like 40,000, which isn't really much bigger than West Chester.... right? Joplin was nice but I think the answer to the question is "No."

The sun was out, the sky was blue with lots of puffy white clouds. FINALLY. A day that looked good.

We took a detour from the main 66 alignment and saw pre-66 (i.e. pre-1926) road. The famous 9-foot highway. Very cool. You could still see the road and the curbs. Most of it had been covered in gravel, but not in all spots. Andre asked me, as we bumped along very slowly over the gravel, "Do you think anyone drives out here but us?" Good question. It was slow going for only a mile or two or three of highway. We stopped, took a picture and a little video, and a car raced up behind and past us. I guess someone else drives out there... but their license plate was from Illinois.

We saw lots of cows and rolling hills yesterday. We crossed into Kansas, drove over some old bridges (verrrry cool) and then on in to Oklahoma. I always thought Oklahoma was flat but we saw so many hills.

I got very excited when I saw that 'Catoosa' was on the map and coming up. Catoosa is the largest inland port... but that wasn't what got me so excited. It was the Blue Whale of Catoosa. I wish I had a picture handy to explain why this excited me so much. The Blue Whale sits in a pond and you can walk into his mouth, and in years past, could jump out his side or take a slide down into the pond. You can't swim there now and it seems that barely anyone comes by to visit it... It's the biggest fiberglass whale you have ever seen. Of course I made Andre stand in front of it while I set the camera up on the tripod with the auto-timer. It's a cool picture with us "in the mouth" of the whale.

Andre and I saw a lot of cool things yesterday. There is one thing that made Andre's day go from "good" to "great" but I think, if I can convince him, that he will have to tell you.


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